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As well known and we are very busy all days advice you. Us of arriving before, so we can guarantee your seat. Us of before arriving, so we are very busy all days advice you. Us of arriving before, so we can guarantee your seat. Us of before arriving, so we can.

Laga Luga Lounge

Cafe & Restaurant & Hookah

Laga Luga Lounge

Laga Luga Lounge

Our aim is to be the first place that comes to our guests' minds when they are looking for a delicious meal and quality music. We aim for each of our meals to leave an unforgettable taste on the palate, and for each of our music to create pleasant and happy memories. This is our top priority.

Riva Mah. Museum dead end No:3 Beykoz - Istanbul

0552 318 1 319


Laga Luga Lounge

Live music

Whether it's a peaceful meal alone or a crowded event, we create the most suitable environment for you. We are here to offer you a special experience, from your business dinners to your special celebrations. While we bring your dream events to life with our unique concepts, we also pay the same attention to our individual guests. Contact us for not just a meal or a celebration, but also an unforgettable experience.

hookah live music
Laga Luga Lounge

Cafe & Restaurant

Laga Luga Lounge

Whether Coffee
Whether Breakfast

Quick meals with our rich breakfast menu, fast food and sandwich options, a sweet break with our various coffees and desserts, and pleasant hours with our aromatic hookahs are waiting for you.

Laga Luga Lounge

Meal Organizations

Laga Luga Lounge

Business Dinners and Special Events

You can organize your business dinners, special invitations, celebrations or parties at Laga Luga Lounge. You can turn your invitations and events you want to organize into unforgettable moments with us.

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Laga Luga Lounge


We recommend that you make reservations for your weekend breakfast and dinner plans. When making a reservation, we kindly ask you to specify the number of guests and the service you prefer. Our aim; To host you only perfectly.


Laga Luga Lounge

Our Contact Information


Riva Mah. Museum Dead End No: 3

Beykoz - Istanbul


0552 318 1 319

Working hours

During the Week: 10:00 - 23:59

Job application

Laga Luga Lounge

Do you want to work with us?

Welcome to the job application form area we have created to apply for our open positions. We are here to share your talents, experiences and dreams with us. If you would like to join us and be a part of this wonderful experience, you can apply by filling out the form. We would be happy to see you among us on this journey where we all grow together.